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Folk Dance in Gold
Keely Garfield, Choreographer
A modern folk dance of sorts, the ensemble moves together and apart, gathering momentum, moods, and meaning. At first, slowly perambulating the space, the community of dancers probes its boundaries, until each one finds their own place. The dancers pump the energy of the earth into their hearts, by stomping, spinning, sailing through air, and even singing! Firmly established in the conviction of mutual support, the piece culminates in a thunderous and optimistic outpouring. This new work also features original music composed by Cyrus Ra. 
Deep Color
John Heginbotham, Choreographer
This new work is a landscape set to piano music by the acclaimed pioneering Californian composer Henry Cowell. The story unfolds in five parts: "Deep Color" describes the gorgeous, crashing beauty of the Pacific Ocean at dawn, "The Fairy Answer" is a supernatural conversation in the woods, "Nine Ings: IX. Swaying" displays the tunneling journeys of multi-legged creatures, a high-octane duet unfolds in "The Irishman Dances", and "High Color" is a big finale celebrating the huge sky. Athletic and musical, often expansive and occasionally intimate, this work features a cast of 64 young dancers and the pianist Danny Pravder.
look down and see the crowd, look up and see the infinite sky
Laurel Jenkins, Choreographer
Relentless choreography is central to this new work, generating images of infinity and themes of connection. Dancers magnetically pull each other on stage from a distance with dynamic unison, delivering spontaneous events on stage. The piece will include a film created by visual artist Jesse Fleming in collaboration with the dancers to generate a rich visual world without limits.