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Seán Curran, Choreographer
Chair, Department of Dance, NYU Tisch School of the Arts
Seán Curran’s Reaction Yield originally premiered during last summer’s Co-Creation lab, and has been expanded in length and size in celebration of The Wooden Floor’s 35th Annual Concert. This thrilling piece examines scientific concepts from chemistry, informed by choreographic play time in the studio; an environment transformed into a dance laboratory. You will witness a co-created product that tests movement experiments about cause and effect, calculations, palindromes, and movement manipulations. This is a dance that wants to ask, “Where do I end and we begin?”
Mark Haim, Choreographer
New York Foundation for the Arts, National Endowment for the Arts, and Bogliasco Foundation Fellowship Awardee
Working with a cast of 60 dancers, the majority of them younger students, Mark Haim's new dance is set to orchestral and chamber music by W.A. Mozart. Mostly light-hearted and sometimes poignant, amusing, and architectural, the dance is inspired by the creativity, talent, and generosity of the students at The Wooden Floor.
Amy O’Neal, Choreographer 
National Performance Network, National Dance Project, and Foundation for Contemporary Art Awardee
Amy O’Neal’s piece is set to rhythmic future-soul music, with lush and imaginative textures, lyrics, and rhythms, which inspire the landscape of the dance. The process of this work challenged the dancers to get out of their comfort zones and be brave in their relationship to rhythm, improvisation, and to each other.