The Wooden Floor’s Model Makes A Difference

If you serve low-income youth who benefit from the transformative power of dance, The Wooden Floor's model may provide them with a solid platform for advancement and success.  Since 2005, 100 percent of our graduates have finished high school on time and immediately enrolled in higher education--a rate more than twice the national average of their socio-economic peers. We are seeking new partners to license our model, with a shared common goal of using a contemporary dance approach to make an immediate impact in their communities. 
Through an intensive due diligence process, potential partners are evaluated for leadership, financial sustainability, and programmatic capacity to successfully replicate The Wooden Floor's model. 
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Our Executive Director and Co-CEO, Dawn S. Reese, sat down with Roy Roberson on The Pulse to discuss The Wooden Floor licensing its model. 
Why did The Wooden Floor decide to license its model? 
How is the licensed model implemented?

What is the benefit of becoming a licensed partner?

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